Marilyn Allers

Marilyn is the founder and owner of Aerial Therapy. She is an accredited XPERT Pole 1 & 2 instructor, certified Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Pole Moves instructor as well as a Liquid Motion certified instructor. Marilyn took her very first Pole Class in 2009 and began practicing Pole Dance/Fitness consistently in 2011 by logging countless hours teaching, building community, hosting pole events and performing.


Bringing people together in a fun setting is one of the things that Marilyn does best. She has a passion for Pole, a deep appreciation for music across a variety genres, enjoys all forms of dance, loves creative self-expression and having a good time. These are just a few of the things that keep her Pole clients coming back for more! Marilyn’s signature style of incorporating sensuality and fluidity into her movement is what has helped to distinguish her as an artist and instructor in Bermuda’s Pole Dance scene.


Marilyn strives to continue to learn and excel in the aerial arts, continue to elevate the level of Pole in Bermuda and continue to remain at the forefront of the local Pole community.