Mikia McGowan

Mikia is a Pole Moves certified instructor and has been teaching Pole Fitness since 2013. During this time, Mikia has become known as “The Specialist” or “Trick Whisperer” because of her uncanny ability to dissect Pole moves and cue them in a comprehensive manner.


Mikia is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She also has experience instructing other exercise classes including H.I.I.T., Ab Blaster, Butt Lift, and Boot Camp. She loves to learn and is actively expanding her fitness repertoire to include Yoga and Pilates. Mikia is SCARS certified and most recently completed a Mental Health First Aid training offered by the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute.


Mikia’s move to the fitness industry began with herself. She has always believed that the body can do extraordinary things. Mikia uses the support of family, friends and other individuals who are on similar journeys to remain motivated and stay on a healthy track. Getting to where she is today was not an easy road but she is happy with all that she has accomplished as she continues to increase her fitness proficiency in a variety of areas.


Mikia’s decision to become an Instructor stemmed from her desire to help people achieve their goals as well as the fact that she loves to see hard work pay off.